Pioneer Foods creates value from its core business activities of strategic sourcing, production, distribution, marketing and selling of a diverse range of food, beverages and related products in collaboration with a network of producers, business partners and service providers.

Liqui Fruit

Prior to 2013, the Group operated on a decentralised basis with each division responsible for its full value chain with access to a limited suite of centralised services. Over the past 18 months, the Group implemented a new business model with the following rationale:

  • Capitalise on the One Pioneer parenting advantage
  • Streamline the business and embed an efficient cost structure
  • Standardise systems and processes
  • Implement best practice
  • Develop category and customer focus
  • Create a common corporate identity

The new business model comprises the following enabling features:

  • The Groceries merger of Bokomo Foods and Ceres Beverages
  • The creation of a focused international business
  • Centralisation of procurement
  • Centralisation of finance and administration in a Shared Service Centre (“SSC”)
  • Centralisation of logistics underz newly launched Pioneer Foods Logistics Services (“PFLS”)
  • Outsourcing of the operational management of information technology (hardware) and application software (SAP)